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re: Coming T2 Erebor Runs

Hey Kinnies,

As most of you know by now, First Age symbols will no longer drop from the new T1 raids. That is how it should have been from the beginning, but Turbine took too long to fix it! This new development will encourage our kin to step up our game. Previously, many of us were content to farm the same T1 instances over and over for the chance to win a symbol, rather than run T2 for the same chance and same loot with considerable more difficulty.

Last Sunday we succeeded as a kin in completing Battle for Erebor on T2 for the first time. It is not an easy feat (yet) and will require our most seasoned players, who are fully geared, fully virtued, and willing to put the time and effort to practice. As we did previously with the Tower of Orthanc instances, we have again set aside Saturday evenings for T2 raiding. Friday evenings will be T1, and Sunday evenings will be either T1 or T2, depending on the makeup of our group. If we have more players than we need for a full T1 raid, we will either rotate people in and out every other run (if it is a short run) or have a roll-off between similar classes (if it is a long run).

When the Tower of Orthanc was our end-game content, we created a T2 group that worked on it until we figured it out. For the short term, while we master the new T2 content, we have decided to reestablish a core T2 team based on those who have been in it since its inception. This group will consist of: Tark [LM], James [Hunter], Xzari [Mini], Dag [Cappy], Woott [Guard], Lumber [Champ], Traub [Mini/Guard], Runi [RK], Cantak [Cappy], Benk [Hunter], Open [Tank], Open [DPS or Heals]. There will be two spots open and can be filled on a rotating basis by others who meet a variety of factors, including: skill, gear, dedication, consistency, and attitude. Spots on the roster are earned; they are not an entitlement. If core T2 team members are absent or late to the raid, their spots will be given to the next available kinnies. If they are consistently absent or late, they may lose their priority status altogether. Once we have mastered the new T2 content we will be able to relax the team makeup again and bring everyone through so everyone can get their new T2 amour.

Saturday T2 Raids will form at 8:00 pm CST. At 8:15 if those listed above are absent it will open up to other kinnies who are on. Obviously we will be figuring out the last 2 spots as well. If we have more than one person of a needed class waiting, we can roll off or even switch off each week. After 2 weeks (starting this Sunday 3/24/13) Sunday evening T2 raids will be open to everyone based on attendance, timeliness, and the raid leader’s decision to go for T2 or not. This will help ensure both a specific progression group and availability of T2 content for the whole kin. To be clear, after this 2 week time the progression group will not have priority on Sunday T2 runs and everyone will be able to run. If there is a full group on at 8:00 pm CST Sundays the priority will be based on class need and time. In other words if the group is ready at 8:00 and you arrive at 8:05 you might miss out, at least on the first raid.

As far as DKP is concerned, if you don’t make it into a T2 Saturday raid, but are on time and available throughout the whole time raiding is happening you will get 1 point DKP for being on time and 1 point DKP for availability. Moreover, if you qualify for T2 but have to sit out one night you will be able to use your dkp to roll at loot time.

As a leader I am here to serve each one in the kin and the needs of the kin as a whole. At this time I feel like this will give us all the best opportunity for completing content, having fun, and getting gear. If you have concerns or other thoughts please let me know. We always try to be fair while also striving to succeed. We want to be relaxed but purposeful, elite and yet humble, fun but successful. While Guardians of the Lost Light is not necessarily a hard-core raiding kin, we have had a long history of being able to successfully complete most of the difficult content in the game at the hardest levels. Our players are solid and loyal and many of us have run with each other for years. We appreciate your dedication and hard work and look forward to tackling new and exciting future content.


Tark & co
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