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re: GOLL DKP System


The Guardians of the Lost Light have implemented a DKP system for our official kin raid nights, which, for now consist of our weekend raiding starting at 6pm Pacific on Saturday and Sunday. We may add another offical raid night during the week in the future. DKP is a common loot distribution system for rare items used in games like Lotro to promote fairness and encourage regular attendance. It is essentially a kin currency that is earned by participating in kin runs. DKP is accumulated in the following manner: 1 point for showing up on time (within 15 mins of start time), and 1 point per hour of raiding. There will be a limit of 10 DKP per week to help keep earnings a little more attainable for kinnies that are not able to raid as frequently as others. The DKP numbers will be updated by kin officers following each evening of raiding and transparently displayed on a publicly viewable Google Docs spreadsheet which you can reach by following the URL below (must log into guildlaunch to view page which contains the actual URL of the spreadsheet):

Points can be used to bid on rare items such as Symbols (NOT for ordinary bound loot that is specific to clases for which we will roll as usual). At the end of a raid, if a rare item drops, players will be able to send a /tell to the raid leader with a bid for that item based on the DKP they have accumulated. The raid leader will indicate the highest bid and players will have the opportunity to increase their bid or pass. When all have passed, the person with the highest bid will receive the item and have that amount of DKP deducted from their balance. In the event that there is a multi-way tie for the highest bid, there will be a roll-off between the bid winners and the highest roller will win the item. The minimum cost of a level 85 Symbol is 15 DKP. Those of you who have already won new SA Symbols will have the minimum DKP cost applied retroactively, so you may notice a negative starting balance.

If there are more of a single class available for a run than are needed, there will be a roll-off among those of that class who showed up on time, and each will still receive a point for attendance (even if they lose the roll-off) and can join with the raid at the end to bid for loot with their available DKP. If you have any questions or concerns, direct them to any of the officers, particularly Tark and Dag. If we discover notable flaws we will resolve them promptly and display the resolution in the notes on the spreadsheet.

On another note, we would like to get the out-of-game contact information for all kinnies so that we can alert you of kin events, raid runs, or other activities. If you have not already done so, please enter your contact info here:

Thanks for all your contributions towards making our kin successful. It is because of the combined team effort and talents of all of you that we have been able to consistently run much of the most challenging content in the game, and we are confident that we will continue to be able to do so as we all get our characters up to level 85 and geared for new upcoming raids.


The Officers of Guardians of the Lost Light

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