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The Lost Light: A Brief History:

Before Man, before Hobbits, before Dwarfs, and even Elves, the Valar gods created two sources of light to give life to Arda.  When these lamps were destroyed by the Dark Lord Melkor, their essence was formed again into Two Trees that continued to give light to the earth.  Melkor poisoned the trees, stealing the Silmarils, three gems crafted by the Elves from the tree sap containing their light.  From the last flower and fruit of the dying trees, the Valar created the moon and the sun to give light again to Arda, and various relics were created containing tiny measures of the lost light that once shone in the Two Trees.  As for the Silmarils, one of the gems was recovered in the wars of the First Age and set as a star in the sky; the other two were lost forever.

The Fountain of Galadriel, from which the Phial was filled and given to Frodo Baggins as a light to use in dark places, was one such relic containing small amounts of the lost light from the recovered Silmaril.  The Star of Elendil, a relic inherited from Elendil by Isildur, King of the Dúnedain, also contained trace amounts of the light of the Two Trees.  This jewel was lost with him in the Great River when he was waylaid by Orcs.  A second Star, known as the Star of the Dúnedain, was made for his descendants which became the symbol of the North-kingdom and remained in the hands of Isildur's heirs until the time of Aragorn.  The original Star, lost for over 3000 years, was rediscovered by the Guardians of the Lost Light amongst Saruman’s treasures in a secret chamber of the Tower of Orthanc.  It was returned to its rightful heir, Aragorn, Chieftain of the Dúnedain, King of Gondor. 

Sources:  Wikipedia, "Two Trees of Valinor." | Wikipedia, "Quenta Silmarillion." | Wikipedia, "Silmaril." | The Encyclopedia of Arda, "Star of Elendil".

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T2 Raid Stat Guidelines - Throne Raid

by Adabell, 347 days ago

Please keep in mind that we are trying to prepare for T2c and help each other to gear mains.

All of these numbers are before buffs, hope, and scrolls:

Physical/Tactical Mitigations:

Heavy: 23k

Medium: 20.8k

Light: 18.8k

Capped Legendary Items

DPS/Passive: 43 levels unlocked - Starlit Crystals

other legacies: 59 levels unlocked - Scroll of Empowerment

If you need help (ie scrolls of empower/starlits) please ask:

Other Stats

Tanks: 55k  morale

            7-8k finesse

            20% inc healing

Healers: 35k+ morale

              5-10% inc healing

Support: 35k+  morale

                5-10% inc healing

                8-10k finesse

DPS - Ranged/melee: 30k morale

                                  5-10% inc healing

                                  70k+ mastery

                                  8-10k finesse

Swap pieces of armor/jewelry can be ideal for inc heal

UPDATE: Crit defense has been removed as a requirement. That does not mean it is completely un-needed just that crit def essences are not required but any other source (crit rating, mitigations, and shields) should cover the basics of what you need.

REMEMBER: You can use traits, virtues, legendary items/legacies, and relics to help you reach these numbers.

Essence Calculator -

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